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S P R I N G   2016

WELCOME:  As most of you know, going into its 4th year, Austin Baseball League (ABL) made some incredible decisions about whether to stay at Govalle ball field or make the move to the Eastside Memorial HS ball field located just down the street.

Two factors came into play,

  1. That it was increasingly difficult to work with Parks and Recreation stemming from having the ball field 5 days a week to grow our league to just Sunday-only use. The fact that Parks and Recreation did little to maintain the field and would not let ABL work on the field did not help, especially having paid over $5000 in fees.
  2. Having played on the old Johnston HS baseball team (now Eastside), as Commissioner I felt that ABL’s commitment to serve the area youth (per our vision and mission statements) would be better served at the Eastside location. Yes, the field needed a great deal of work. Yes, it was a big commitment, yes many thought we couldn’t do it, and yes we lost players because of this change. But here we are, the Spring of 2016, with six teams, a nice field, with a great future.

As Commissioner, I cannot ever thank those who believed in ABL to make the change and who put in over 100 man hours to help get the field ready.

This includes Brandon, Russell, Ron (who also helped with the tiller in removing the grass for the base running paths) Jesse H., Jesse M., Mikey,  Conrad and his Son Beto, Scott S, Dylan (and a few other DBats-sorry couldn’t remember their names), Micah, and over $600 from ABL team fees for the Fall Season in 2015 ($100 from Mikey’s uncle in SA).

As the Spring Season commenced, Austin Baseball League provided new baseball shirts to the ESMHS baseball team, a couple of dozen diamond baseballs, some bats, gloves, push broom, trash bags, lots of Roundup to help kill the weeds, and even 8 pizzas for their season ending game.

All this amounted to well over $1300 most of which came from your TEAM FEES. So everyone in the ABL should be very proud of the work we have accomplished so far.

Not to mention buying cleats for Michael who came to us raw and who couldn’t make his high school team. We’ll thanks to Brandon and ABL Michael is now 1st string, 1st baseman and pitching.

Currently, we have two other high school players on our rosters and the list sometimes grows to 5 on any given Sunday – another thing that everyone in the ABL should be proud of.

Anytime someone starts any endeavor from nothing, not one penny – its gonna take time. In reality, ABL has done very well for being around a short time and has developed quite a reputation as “those guys who won’t go away, who won’t quit, who have big hearts for the game, and for helping others learn how to play the game well and the right way”.

Our website is still hanging in there (as we have no budget for websites), but we are slowly making our mark via controlled growth and social networking.

Currently, is being worked on to truly represent ABL in all its glory (including videos of Sunday’s games-just a few good plays here and there) and expect to be ready by the end of May.

Our old ablbaseball on the Hometeams site, is now and contains all the old schedules, current and future, commentary, rules, testimonials, etc.

We also have, our non-profit website, which is up as we continue to work on the IRS non-profit status (which takes . . . money), and that will be the hub for all area-youth baseball in Austin (feeder programs for ABL).

It is our expectations that through non-profit donations (tax deductible), through the sale of a book titled, “5 things it takes to win in baseball” for the novice player, and an invention that I am working on, “The Energiser Warm Up Bat”,  Austin Baseball will help in providing uniforms, bats, balls, and will be able to help with player’s fees (especially to attend baseball camps) for those who cannot afford to play, but want to.

So there you have it, lots of work, heart, sweat and even a tear here and there for the Love of the Game of Baseball.

After reading this newsletter, please think about how you can help our cause as there is still a lot of work to be done including netting over the backstop, more dirt for both the infield and outfield, work on the dugouts, and maybe, just maybe one day – turf.

I want to thank everyone for helping make Austin Baseball League a reality and a success.

Frank T.
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